Android Q vs iOS 13: Journey From Better To The Best OS

Android Q vs iOS 13 is the new battle for the techies because both OS receive same Attention and both are claiming for the best mobile operating system. The reasoning is set to the apart from UI/UX, there is something more to conquer in terms of futuristic features. Being a leading mobile app development company USA, India, we are keeping the eagle eyes on the latest technologies, therefore the Android Q and iOS 13 is the exciting points for us. In this article, We are explaining the Android Q vs iOS13 by revealing the journey from better to the best.

Android Q vs iOS 13
Android Q vs iOS 13

Why Android Q vs iOS 13 Make Sense

iOS and Android are the two key players in the operating systems, to address their consumer, both are offering competitive features. The iOS 13 released in the WWDC 2019 while the Android Q beta version released in February. In short, both major operating systems are introduced in 2019, thus, people comparing both OS. The battle between Apple and Android always takes into the part when they launch their latest OS. It’s Users who always make the comparison to choose the apt operating system.

Android Q Latest Features
Android Q

Android Q Latest Features

  • Dark Mode
  • Multi-Split Screen Feature
  • Foldable Phone Support
  • Built-In Screen Recording
  • Sharing Shortcuts
  • Vulkan API For Better UI

Highlight Features of Android Q

Easy Access For Android

A great feature for every app development companies and developers who rapidly test multiple features on Android devices. Android goes to the next level with its one-tap feature for Project perspective. Without any second thought, it is the best feature for developers to flash multiple ROMs on a single device with ease (no need to sync data or bootloader). Android Q will offer a new feature for creating Android apps for Chromebook through Google Play Store.

Ping Notification In Android

The previous part of every push notification is very good but now it’s going to be better for marketing purposes. As of now, the notification automatically disappears within a few seconds. In Android Q, users have to swipe left or take action on the notification, otherwise, it glued with the screen. If you are thinking about the irritation of annoying notification then don’t worry Android Q has something interesting for you.           

The new notification setting will encourage the app owners to develop apps in the Android platform. The main advantage of building an app is to render push notification, and if the platform has a better option to increase visibility for notification then you have to choose Android. The marketing and mobile app development companies should be concerned about this feature.

Better & Smart Lock For All Android Devices

This feature already serves to the Pixel users but Android Q will unlock it for every Android device. Google is focusing on its security, therefore, they introduced a power pack and robust feature for the smart lock. With this feature, users can easily unlock their Android devices while connecting through trusted Bluetooth, authorized WiFi connection or when the smartphone is in physical contact with your body.

iOS 13

iOS 13 Latest Feature

  • Sign In With Apple
  • Enables Dark Mode
  • New Reminder App
  • Siri Voice Get Human Touch
  • Updated Photos App
  • Data Limit By Location

Highlight Features of iOS 13

Dark Mode In iOS 13

As we know the latest version of Android also compatible with the dark mode but iOS brings it on another level. The iOS 13 enables system wide dark mode for working on the night. The best thing is an automatic mode that allows the user to work easily in low light or night. Dark mode getting so much attention just because of a combination of dark color in all theme. Black and Dark gray colors in the Dark Mode gives an eye-friendly experience in nights.

Modernize Photos & Reminder App

As Google photos give such personalize the appearance for uses, so Apple also hit the target by revamping the photos app. The updated photos app will offer multi functional like personalize editing tools and highlights. The highlights with filters features offer all new experience to iPhone users, it curates a dashboard with showcasing time, date, month, and year in the library.

One more feature gets attention for its easy functionality is Reminder App. This app also witnessed a huge UI changes, thus, in result, an easy reminder app comes into the action. User can set a reminder with putting flag, location, date and time. All in all, the reminder app brings creativity and intelligence.

Android Q vs iOS 13: Journey From Better To The Best OS

To dive into the depths of which is the best mobile operating system, we have to compare both of them on various levels. We are comparing both on behalf of their features and users perspective.

Personal Assistant Siri or Google Assistant

Siri is cool, attractive and personalized, it also empowers with new voice support. But still, Siri is stuck to compete with Google Assistant. As we all know, Google Assistant brings many features compared to the Apple Siri, i.e. book a cab, set reminders, call or message bestie and many more. An updated version of Google Assistant announced in Google I/O summit. Google claims that the new version will be 10 times faster than the older one with more personalized touch. Google Assistant is top the race for User Interface and User Experience.

Maps Capability

It seems like both operating system solely focus on creating next-gen map experience. Apple craft 3D angle view for every object in the map. The 3D view looks alluring but Google already has the same functionality. Actually, Google Maps is far better than Apple’s Map because Google Maps is rendering features like near location, compatible with Google search engine, incognito mode and above all, it brings AR in Maps. In concise results, Android Q is a winner in terms of better mapping option and correct data on Maps. 

If we talk about features and UI of both Maps, then iOS 13 gives much better performance but Android Q is more powerful in robust performance and better functionality.

In-Built Photos App (Android)

Android Q and iOS 13 both are focusing on catering best UI in photos app for their users. Android Q offers easy functionality for editing, deleting and capturing the photos and users will love to use this. Apple iOS 13 also comes with updating features in the photos app but it looks like it is not enough to compete with Android Q. All in all, Android Q is a clear winner in terms of in-built Photo App.

Data Privacy (iOS 13)

Data privacy is the biggest issue in digital media, thus, the main reason behind the shutdown of Google + was a failure in data safety. All the big player of internet concern about user data privacy, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg quotes, “Future is Private” and Google crushed it with “Present is Private”. Both quotes indicate how hard top companies work on the privacy of User data.

In the same context, Android introduced the incognito mode for Google maps and Google search. Another feature of privacy is the restriction in Android permission for third-party apps. On the contrary, the iOS 13 compatible with the most advanced feature at sign up area. Now iOS users can log in or signup with Apple as Google or Facebook does. But the exciting news for this feature “Sign In with Apple”, it will restrict any third-party app to use Users personal data like a contact number, location, or personal mail.

Dark Mode (iOS 13)

The dark mode is the most awaited feature for both operating system, therefore, Android firstly reveal it’s dark mode and multiple theme option. Apple introduced the dark mode feature in WWDC 2019 in an interesting way, it is system wide Dark mode that’s mean this feature can activate automatically. iOS 13 offers a much better theme option in terms of dark mode and color correction. In concise, we can assume the iOS 13 dark mode is much better than Android Q.

Both Operating Systems Claims For…

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering said, “iOS 13 brings new capabilities to the apps you use every day, with rich updates to Photos and Maps, and privacy-protecting features like Sign In with Apple, all while delivering faster performance,” he continued quoting “We’re excited for customers to experience what’s coming to iPhone this fall and can’t wait for them to see how great everything looks in Dark Mode.”

Stephanie Cuthbertson, Director of Product Management, Android, said “Android Q is designed to support the potential of foldable devices, from multi-tasking to adapting to different screen dimensions as you unfold the phone. And as the first operating system to support 5G, Android Q offers app developers tools to build for faster connectivity, enhancing experiences like gaming and augmented reality.”

In A Nutshell

While we are wrapping up, without any doubt both OS are good to use because both are bloated with many cool features. It’s too early to announce the winners because both are on their beta testing mode and the final product yet to launch. Android Q and iOS 13 are making the buzz around their users. So we have to wait to choose the best OS, as of now, both are competitive and best in their capabilities.

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