7 Untold Stories of WWDC 2019 – No. 6 Will Blow Your Mind

Apple WWDC 2019 will be remembered for many things like dark mode in iPhone, Sign up with the Apple account, Separate operating system for Apple Watch and so on. The event was ended up with many interesting phases but there is still some news that’s are hardly noticed. kudos to you If you heard the details in the first attempt. Being a leading iOS mobile app development company USA, we are closely following the Apple new updates thus we have ample knowledge to share with you. To dive into the depths, we are coming with this post. In this piece of content, We are revealing 7 untold stories of WWDC 2019 that you probably missed.

Apple WWDC 2019
Apple WWDC 2019

Popular Keynotes Highlights That Dramatically Goes Viral

All New iOS 13

The latest version of iOS has lots to show. Apple launches iOS 13 with many undoubting features. As the WWDC 19 keynotes rumors predicted the dark mode and update voice hud, Apple serves more than acceptance. The dark mode is fascinating for iPhone users because Apple caters this feature with a more personalized touch. The voice icon is also replacing the old one, it saves more screen size thus we can say the iOS 13 will be more powerful than the last.

More Power To macOS

There are two major keynote rumors from our side that hits the reality in an interesting way, the new version of macOS is the one. macOS 10.15 is the latest version and named as Catalina, where the last version of macOS pronounced as Mojave. Catalina will compatible with the iOS apps (Marzipan), dark mode, and customize Siri shortcuts with the Mac.

Additional Screen For iPad

The iPad operating system is now more powerful than the last operating functionality. In WWDC 2019, Apple announced separate apps for that solely developed for the iPad. Apple betokens the screen size for extending the uses in terms of collaboration with other Apple products. Now the iPad can be used as an additional screen for Macbook. Users are free to use the iPad as the secondary screen. Cool isn’t it…

Do More With Marzipan

Apple Marzipan is getting better with each update, this time Apple allows developers to craft solely applications for different platforms. WWDC 2019 witness the separation among operating systems of different Apple products i.e. iOS, watchOS, iPadOS, and macOS. In the concise, we can say Marzipan will be the best options to connect with all.

Pro Stand For Memes

The social media meme content always target Apple its price tags. This time there is a new product called “Expert Pro Stand” that feed ample content for the memes. Actually in WWDC Apple introduced two products in a row, that is Expert pro stand and Pro Display XDR. While revealing the price range for Expert Pro Stand that is $999, the story of meme also begins the creative stuff. People comparing with Expert pro stand for $999 and Pro display XDR for $4999.

Apple WWDC 2019 Keynotes
Apple WWDC 19

7 Untold Stories of WWDC 2019 That You Have To Know – That You Hardly Noticed

1. Apple Strategy For Mid-Range

If you closely follow Apple news and it’s announcement then you should know the company clearly focusing to extend the consumer base area. Apple has a unique fan base, a specified premium users community that can pay for creative and next-gen technology. Recently the company introduced few iPhones to target the mid-range products. Still, most of the products are premium but Apple tends to target the mid-range users. 

The second sign is a separate operating system for Apple Watch, that simply means users do not need an iPhone to access Watch anymore. Android phones are capable to use with the device. Now Apple Watch has own operating system so there is no need to install apps for Apple Watch via iPhone only.

2. “Find My” Find Any Apple Product (Mac)

The iPhone inbuilt app is always unique and helpful in terms of problem solving. In WWDC 2019 a new app called “Find My” launched for finding any Apple product that supposed to misplaced. Actually, it looks like Apple merged it’s two old application and rebranded them. The “Find My” is a mixture of two apps, Find My iPhone, and Find My Friends. As expected the newest app brings several cool and interesting features like now you can easily find devices, (MacBooks, AirPods, and others.)

3. HomePods Collabo With The 10,000 Radio Station

Smart speakers are getting smarter day by day, therefore, the HomePod brings some new avatar by the end of WWDC. Most people noticed the single things about HomePod is Hand-off. But the single thing that hardly noticed by anyone is allowing radio stations in HomePod. Over 100,000 radio stations are making debut in HomePods through iHeart Radio, Radio.com, and TuneIn. The main benefits are to have billions of radio station in your hand is satisfaction. No matter what’s your mood wants to listen, just tap and go with it.

4. Beyond The Look – Mac Pro Gets Own Wheel

The new Mac Pro has many stories to tell beyond it looks. The Mac Pro got much attention for its cheese grater style and the price tag of $ 5,999. The main purpose of mentioning its price is the monitor is not included in the price. All the attention climb on the design and price of mac pro, but hardly we noticed the Mac Pro gets own Wheel. It’s the first time when Apple provides a set of wheels for convenience for adjusting the Mac. Users can get the additional wheel with an additional charge.

5. Apple Watch Separation With The iOS

As mentioned earlier, Apple Watch now offers a separate and dedicated OS. So as of now, you don’t need any more permission to iPhone devices. The dependency on the iPhone also could change that means now Android users can use the Watch. The users still lost in the thought by hearing the separation of WatchOS and iOS application. This is something that seems like a marketing move that indicates Apple focusing on expanding consumer base.

6. iTunes Will Mute Forever

One of the most shocking announcements of the WWDC 2019 was a shutdown of iTunes. It was predicted by many tech freak people that Apple planning to retired iTunes. Don’t get upset, the functionality will remain the same. The story behind the shutdown of iTunes fed away when Apple introduced it’s three apps that can fill the iTunes. The three apps are Music, Podcasts, and TV. In short, These three apps have ample content to boost your entertainment but we all missed iTunes.

7. Maps 3D Angle View

To compete with the Google Map attributes, Apple map its boundaries on the creative and robust manner. The Apple in-built Map offers a three-dimensional street view style. As of now, only Google Map has the capability to show 3D views but Apple all set to compete with Google. In the three dimensional views, the buildings, streets and other elements seem to give a real feeling with 3D angle view. We can concordant on a point that the virtual maps are finding its ways.

The story of WWDC 2019 did not end yet… there are many features and software which gathered attention from the public. One of them is “Sign In with Apple”, it is the Apple security feature. By this feature, users can log in or signup via Apple account. Apple account tends to safer and more robust. It’s a new security feature in iOS 13 that can elevate authorized signup and login of accounts.

As we are familiar with the Signup with Google or Signup with Facebook, so why Apple creates another login account. The reason behind announcing this feature is to give protection through the third-party apps. With this feature, you don’t have to give your personal details while signup with any third-party apps like secondary email, phone number and so on. Just sign in with Apple and all set to you. More power for user data safety.

In A Nutshell

While we are wrapping up, the one thing is very clear in the article, WWDC always witnessed unique innovation and futuristic ideas. The Sign in with Apple is a good initiative towards data safety. The solely operating system for Watch is much needed to feature more than interesting. The fall of iTunes is shocking to everyone but there are three new apps to fill the absence of iTunes. Acquaint SoftTech is ready to implement all the new updates in our upcoming projects. The latest iOS 13 is compatible and robust in its own way.

If you want to craft a futuristic iOS application then we are the one you can rely on. Feel free to discuss your dream idea with our experts. Drop your inquiry at info@acquaintsoft.com or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499. If you found something amusing in this post, then do SHARE this piece of content with your bestie.