The 3B Triangle of Business, Branding, and Better Web Development

Every entrepreneur caters web development services just for online presence, but as we all know it is more than just a web address. Determining a website role as showcasing business services is a very narrow definition, in a real scenario, a website has the capability to turn a business into a brand. So websites have to defined as a powerful tool for elevating brand identity. In this particular post, we are addressing how better web development can help your brand.

According to various studies, robust web development and alluring web design can transform a website into a brand. There are multiple CMS platforms like WordPress and frameworks for creating websites but in this post, we are not addressing any technical term. We are just revealing plans and tips for better web development.

Strategy For Better Web Development

Market Research

A great website always curates ample feature that creates a profitable environment for both website owners and users. All business marketing is worthless if the website is not able to compete with your competitors. So it must bring business needs, vision, and new trends in web design. All you have to do is closely follow your competitors to always ahead of the curve.

Source Gathering

Set project demand on board and do brainstorming for better ideation. Collect the best sources that can help for better web development. The most common web design mistake that causes a business to lose customers is bloated design. While developers tend to create useful features, it doesn’t mean to add dozens of features. A website with overloaded features causes slow page speed. So make a blueprint for apt technology and other tools to craft ideas on the canvas.

Targeting Audience

Phew! If a business owner knows their target audience than the marketing tactics will work faster. So it must define your particular audience before creating a website because the targeting audience can give you an idea of design. In concise, If your website design doesn’t have ample features to feed your audience then it never profitable for you.

Secrets of Better Web Development And Web Design

Secrets of Better Web Development And Web Design

Responsive Theme Design

The internet is now limitless in terms of uses, therefore most of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. So making your website mobile friendly should be your first and foremost priority. A website with responsive design get more traffic than ordinary, so make your website compatible with all screen size devices. Instead of crafting a bloated theme that hardly supports mobile devices, focus on designing a responsive theme layout.

Responsive & Informatic Menu Bar

As we discussed above a responsive layout can maximize your website traffic and support SEO in better Google ranking. A responsive menu bar is something that puts your web appearance ahead from the competitors. It is a must to have an informatic mega menu bar with responsive design. By addressing responsive menu bar in the website means a hidden panel which allows other important content for showcasing details.

Font Style & Text Size

To make SEO friendly website all you have to focus on Font style and text size. Keep your website font simple and elegant so users can easily relate to your category. For example, if your website is curate news or blog than Times New Roman, Arial or Roboto is good Fonts. The font size of your website content also plays a major role in readability score, so keep your font size readable to your reader. Never ever experiment with fancy fonts, it causes complex output and leads bounce rate.

Important Pages

There are many important pages that give a rough idea about any business. This type of pages include About Us page, Home Page, Contact Us Page, and Site Map. These are the pages which instruct Google bots for giving an idea about content and services. The Site Map page is a map structure of any website, it helps Google to crawl any web pages in search results. So focus on creating important pages with rich content that easily accessible to your viewers.

Appealing Header

A header is a key to convert website traffic into potential buyers if it was designed properly. Let assume, what will your first impression on any website, a sea of content or its header? Yeah! You got it right… A header is the first impression of your website, thus, you have to create an appealing header that can appeal to your visitors. In order to make it more alluring, you can add a slider or creative banner in the header. Killer copywriting tactics and Call To Action buttons can be helpful in terms of appealing and engaging top visitors.

Pop-Ups, Risk, Result

As we all are concordant on one point that popups are very irritating in all aspects, the bounce animation and fancy color pop-ups are useless. But yet pop-ups are important for lead capturing in business. So as a result, we can say too many popups are risky for any website but a couple of popups result in best ROI. You can use it as a subscription of the newsletter but in a creative way. Many influencer and marketing heads create popups with creative and attractive design.

Business Brand web development

Let Creates A Business Brand Rather Than Just A Website

All you have to do is create content for at least 3 blog post otherwise it should be hurt you. We have to design a list ease the process of finding blog topics, it saves time in searching the relevant topic for the blog.

Brand Identity Design

Most of the time people just want a website for online business presence. But it is not ample definition of any business to get more views, so focus on designing your business brand as a brand. All you need to do is pick a brand identity design company like Acquaint SoftTech, for crafting the best picture of your ideas on canvas.       

Productive and profitable brand design is not possible for a single mind, it requires lots of brainstorming and hundred of the creative ideological approaches. Brand design services contain logo design, graphic design, and creative mockups designs. The website logo is the real identity of any brand just because users remembered your online appearance through the logo. So play with creativity and deliver a futuristic logo.

Home Page

Phew! The toughest and most important part of any website is the Home page. No doubt how good are your services or how much your team skilled with but if your website home page is not appealing then all are worthless. As we know, ordinary home in the business website may affect a business to lose customers, So create an appealing landing page. Try to put a couple of “Call To Action” button on the Home Page for capturing the maximum lead.

You can also add videos about testimonials or put some pictures about the company insight on the home page. A likable home page always builds trust and reliability in visitors mind. To get the best ROI from your website, copywriting can be helpful. So make your homepage concise, crispy, and engaging. Your website home page should make aware visitors of Who, Why, How, and What your business is all about. Otherwise, visitors feel they ended up with the wrong place, It can also affect your bounce rate.

Create A Blog

A website with a blog page surely gets good exposure rather than just a website. A blog can play an important role in order to build a brand identity, Statics says marketers who use blogs on the website get 67% more leads than those that do not. Instead of assuming blog a marketing tool, Keep your focus on informative and rich blog content. If your content serves your visitors then indirectly it will help you. So make the priority of rich content in your content marketing strategy.

Social Media Icon

Almost every website brings social media icons for showcasing its credentials but it not only about website authority. Influencers always carry a bag of tricks and social media appearance can be the best trick for elevating website as a brand. Use your social media for addressing your potential visitors, insist them to follow your social media accounts. Use it as a brand identity design, so keep your social media updated with catchy content.

Suitable Theme

To make a brand, all you have to focus on creating a suitable theme for the business website. Most of the time, people attract with appealing themes and layouts, in result visitors glued with the website. Try not to pick any fancy theme that couldn’t justify your business ideology. Website theme should define your business category so try to create an apt theme which recites the same intent. Your website theme is the first impression for visitors, so make it adequately.

FAQ About Better Web Development

FAQs About Better Web Development

What is meant by web development?

Web development tends to create a task about crafting websites for the web address. The web development contains web design, client side or server side scripting and content creation. Security optimization is also a priority in website development. For better web development, clean and better coding is a must. The client expects a productive with profitable web development for online business appearance.

Who can help me for better web development?

There are many options for better web development but Acquaint SoftTech is the only company you can rely on. We are a leading web development company USA, our vast portfolio recites how hard our developer works to create a masterpiece web appearance. Our creative web designers have ample experience in crafting the best brand image on the canvas.

What are the benefits of better web development?

Better web development and appealing web design can elevate the brand identity for any business. It can also improve user engagement and reduce bounce rate. Web design is a way to showcase the business category in a creative way. It can accelerate website traffic and boost ROI. All in all, creative design is the only way to stand out in the cut-throat competition.

What is the difference in web development and web designing?

This is a contradiction that both web development and web designing are for the same purpose. Actually, both are dependent on each other but the reason for doing web designing and web development is completely different. In concise, web designing responsible for how a website looks, on the contrary, web development decides how a website will work.

Web developers usually perform with coding and used several programming language i.e. CSS, HTML, Javascript or PHP. on the other hand, A web designer craft design with designing tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, etc. To dive into the depths, explanation of web development vs web design is much better.

How to rise business brand and get the best ROI by creating a website?

As mentioned above, To make a website that serves you as a brand promotion platform three things are important i.e. Theme, Brand identity design, Blog. The theme should be matched with your business category and well explained. Brand identity design brings logo design, graphic design, and taglines. The main factor that captured your brand image is the blog. Try to discuss all tips, suggestions and new technologies related to your business.

What are the different ways to develop a business website?

There are several ways to create a business website i.e. creates with free templates, hire a freelancer or hire renowned web development company such as Acquaint SoftTech. If you have ample knowledge of coding then you can create a website with templates otherwise you should take help from experts. If you are not familiar with the coding then we suggest hiring a web development company for better web development.

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In A Nutshell

While we are wrapping up, the need for better web development and its attributes is very much clear. The biggest mistakes are pretending to be a website for the only web address, it should be used as business branding purpose. The rich content, landing pages, suitable theme are important in brand identity design. So in concise, create a business website for branding your business. Make sure your website feeds your visitors requirement.

If you are looking for profitable business website development or brand identity design services, then we are apt for you. Acquaint SoftTech is a leading Web development company USA, our dedicated team strives to cater services in custom web development with effective brand identity design. Feel free to discuss your ideas with our industry experts.  Drop your inquiry at or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499. If you found something amusing in this post, then do SHARE this piece of content with your bestie.