The Real Difference Between Website and Web Application

Most of the internet users are get confused in website and web apps, the reason behind the confusion is the similar name and approx the same usability. It’s quite tuff to differentiate both because web apps and websites are catering the same purpose of a brand goal. A website serves content for the visitors, on the other hand, web apps rely on the visitors content, by optimizing users information and requirement. Web app carries website feature as well as application feature. But a native app is ahead of the web app, in term of mobile application development process and User Interface. To concise the detail and real difference between Websites and Web application, you have to land on their purpose of origin.

Website vs Web App

What Is A Website and Why use it

A website normally tends like a web address which feeds content, Video and other information to the Users. Normally it is divided by their content building ability. So we can confirm website have almost 3 types, static, dynamic, and shopping website. Static use for personal use and it is for a showcase, static web portal comes with the limitation of use, therefore, it’s content can’t update regularly. Dynamic and shopping based websites use for multipurpose. Usually brand or businesses cater its services.

Types of Website

  1. Static or Informative Website – Static websites are used for brand visibility purpose.  A website that develops once, feeds data & content for one time. This type of website doesn’t require customization in a regular way. It is only built for the informational purpose, like company feed or contact site, Portfolio website, or “Google My business” websites.      
  2. Dynamic Website – This type of website demand changes in a regular way. Most commonly websites are a blog, a website with Video content, Map addressing content, Photo content or etc.
  3. Shopping website – The new entry in this category are shopping based websites. In the E-commerce website, there is a mock up, products, payment method, offers, Terms & condition, and many more. So the thing is this type of website are combine the result of statics and Dynamics. Mostly services based company websites are also part of it.

What Is A Web Application 

As the name consist, Web apps are one of kind application that converts from a website. It differs from websites because web apps are working as an application. The web app gives the same performance and same output as a native app but they not the same as a native application.

Types of Web Application

  1. PWA – PWA tend to Progressive web app, it is a type of web apps with the advantage of performing on the slow the internet. PWA can convert a tiny website into attractive apps in no time.
  2. CMS Based Web App – It is the advanced form of the website, CMS based web app develops with CMS frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Magento or Drupal. Use in content type category i.e. blog, news app, or media.
  3. Shopping Web App – The basic reason for the huge requirement of the web app is lack of Shopping experience on the website. Shopping web app is specially designed to cater to the best UI for the mobile user.

The next possible question is how to convert a website into a web app. There are plenty of options available that easily convert your website into a Web app. You can use free plugins for the WordPress website. There are many WP plugins available to instant convert websites into a progressive web app or web apps like super PWA, and WP-Appkit.

As we talk earlier, websites are draft information from the source input and place data and content at the output. On the other hand, web apps are the product of a website that converts in app format when it required. If a person wants an app for their business, then web apps are a good option. A web app can convert a website into an attractive application. But there is a lot of limitation in web apps, they tend to perform like a native app but their developing process is completely different from a native app. Therefore, web app performs and look like a native app but doesn’t work as a native application. While the website is a completely unique platform.

What if I say, a web app is a half website and half application. Web app opens only in a web browser, that quality makes it nearer to the website and its User Interface seems very easy and attractive like application, that feature makes it very close to the application.

At the wrapping time, we can say web app and website have many similarities but they completely different from each other. Web App is standing at somewhere middle of the website and application end. It combines website feature while opening in the browser and act like application. To know more about website and web apps, Visit Acquaint SoftTech, We serve web development services and mobile app development services in USA, India, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Canada & most in the world.