Responsive Web Design: Must Read Before Creating A Business Website

Want to make a responsive website? A mobile-friendly design can increase visitors range because mobile devices and Tables are responsible for approx 57% of internet users. This static encourages every website owners to tailored responsive web design. If you are also one of them, then your mouse roaming in the right area. Responsive design can easily elevate your web page authority in your targeting audience. It also helps with better User Interface and User Experience. So to dive into the area of responsive web design, we are coming up with this piece of content. In this particular post we are explaining responsive web design so must read this article before creating a business website.

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What Is Responsive Web Design

A website relies on the internet and the internet is free to use on any device. Most of the internet scroll through mobile devices and screen size is the biggest concern in smartphones, but it is so irrelevant to develop a separate website for mobile devices thus, responsive web design comes into the action. It is a step towards better user experience for mobile users. Responsive web design is also responsible for fast page loading speed. Actually, many free WP theme, plugins and free templates encourage website owners for developing the website by own. They have a lack of coding knowledge so it leads them towards the most common web design mistakes.

Responsive Design Definition

Actually, responsive web design is an approach towards the better web design that easily compatible with the mobile devices as well as PC. It is a phenomenon to render web layout and images into the desired screen sizes, where it is viewed on. Responsive design almost depends upon how a web page easily is shown on mobile devices without any hassle. As we all know most people love to scroll the internet through mobile devices so every web page should compatible with the compact screen sizes.

Why Responsive Web Design Is Important

It’s very irritating for the internet users to scroll left and right to see the entire web page. If a web page is not supported responsive web design pattern then a business may lose the customers. The user interface is also get affected by the absence of RWD because UI and UX indirectly depended on the responsive web design. To make a profitable business website, only attractive mockups and appealing design is not enough, responsive web design also play a major role. With better use of responsive web design, a business website can easily elevate their authority and improve the User Interface. The main advantage of Responsive web design is the traffic, it helps in increasing the website traffic by fast page loading speed on the Google organic result.

How Responsive Web Design Improve Google Search Ranking

It is very hard to say that a website with responsive web design can perform better on the Google search result. A responsive design never built for improving the Google page ranking on the organic results. As we all know, to reach the closer to the top rank of the Google organic research many tactics are important i.e. killer SEO, rich content and so on. So responsive web design can’t individually improve the page rank but it can help in better SEO score and faster page speed. According to the last Google algorithm in April 2015, Google rewarded every mobile-friendly websites with good page ranking and good search result on mobile devices. This Algorithm is also known as Mobilegeddon and it impacts a massive SEO breaking for the websites that were not created with mobile-friendly structure. After this Algorithm, every web developer takes responsive design very seriously. So it is very much clear that a responsive web design can improve the SEO score.

Difference Between Adaptive And Responsive Web Design

There is a contradiction between adaptive and responsive web design that both are same. Actually, both are different ways of design web pages. Adaptive web design means a method in which web pages creating according to the specified devices. To dive into the depth of adaptive design, we take an example. Let assume, if you want to create a web design especially for the mobile devices then it should be known as adaptive web design. On the contrary, if a web design created to open easily on the all sizes of the devices, it includes the mobile, desktop, laptop and etc. then it’s should be known as responsive web design.

Another difference between Adaptive and responsive web design is usability. Responsive web design can easily open with any devices by automatically convert all the layout, content, image and theme according to the relevant device size. On the other hand, the adaptive design doesn’t allow a web page to open easily, you have to design different page for each device.

Best Responsive Web Design Example

As Google Algorithm strictly supports the responsive websites so almost every business website owners take responsive web design as a priority while creating a web design. So most of the websites are crafting according to responsive web design pattern. There are many alluring websites that use responsive web design on the peak. Some responsive web design examples are Shopify, Dropbox, GitHub and Slack. The reason behind listing those websites as best responsive web design example that all mention websites have a Signup form for desktop devices and when users open website in mobile then it turns into a Call To Action button. Also, they have fast page loading speed for every device, even in the 3G network.

Responsive Design Checker

Google DevTools Device Mode

Google development tools for developers. It is a free tool to check a web design is compatible with all devices in the web browser. It is used to check the web design is responsive or not.

Google Resizer

It is also a free tool by Google, Resizer offers users to enter the web URL and view a website across Material design breakpoints for the mobile and desktop. Users can check the instant demo for their link

Browser Stack

It is a popular testing tool that most quality assurance expert love to use. Browser Stack allows users to test the website in all possible devices through the web browsers. It provides a virtual screen for different devices.


As the name implies Responsinator cater the use for the responsive design checker. It is the most popular tools because of quick and easy to use interface. It is a simple and free browser based tools that offer virtual screen for different sizes.


Users can instantly check how the websites look like in different devices including the TV. All you have to enter the URL, pick the relevant device and choose the respective size by menu. You will get the instant result of how your website looks like without any hassle.

How To Create The Best Responsive Web Design

There are several ways to create a responsive web design for any business website. Mainly two option is available, the first one is using responsive themes, plugins and templates in your own WordPress website. There is many free WordPress themes and plugins available that support the mobile-friendly website structure. If you have coding knowledge then you can use bootstrap. Bootstrap is very popular among the web developer and used for creating the mobile-friendly and responsive project. The second way of implementing responsive web design is using responsive web design services by a reputed web development company like Acquaint SoftTech.

Responsive Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an open source framework for faster and robust development of website and web apps. This framework developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton, both also design twitter. Bootstrap is a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for crafting mobile first and responsive web projects. It is the most popular framework among web developer to developing responsive web designs. This phenomenon required the immense understanding of coding so never try this if you are technically not strong.

Why Hire Acquaint SoftTech For Responsive Web Design Services

If you are not familiar with the coding principles and still want to adopt the responsive web design, then you have to hire renowned web design company USA for the better use of the website. A responsive website can help your customer to better User Interface and increase the visibility on mobile devices, therefore, web traffic also increases. If you are also looking to bring responsive web design then we are the only one you can rely on. Acquaint SoftTech is a leading responsive web design company USA and our creative designer not just craft website for mobile friendly but we are working against the clock to make a futuristic design. We offer responsive web design services to craft a web design that can easily compatible with every possible device, i.e. mobile, laptop, desktop, Tablet and so on.

In A Nutshell

At the wrapping time, we can say that responsive websites have the advantage of better SEO score, better user interface, better readability score and above all it can improve the authority on the Google organic search. We discussed the responsible design checker, example and how to create a responsive website with Bootstrap. You can choose web design services for crafting next-gen and mobile-friendly design. If you are looking for a website design and development company, then we are the right source. Drop your requirement at or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499. Hope you like this post so do SHARE this piece of content with your bestie.