Latest MEAN Stack Tools For Mean Stack Development Services USA

The MEAN stack development services are bound to create web apps using Java Scripts methods. The term MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. The MEAN stack development is also referred to as full stack development. From the client to the server to the database side, MEAN stack tends to use as a full stack JavaScript. In this particular post, we are addressing latest MEAN stack development tools for MEAN stack development services USA.

MEAN stack development company USA

Web app and MEAN stack both are gaining attention for a resty reason. Web apps are one of kind apps that feels like a native app but builts as websites. We can say web apps are standing somewhere in the middle of websites and mobile applications. MEAN stack development services USA bound to craft likeable and winsome web apps.

Being a member of leading MEAN stack development company USA, I am very much acquainted about the latest MEAN stack development tools and technology. So here are the most popular MEAN stack tools to makes best out of web apps. These tools have ample endowment to elevate the skill of MEAN stack developers.

Latest MEAN stack Development Tools 2019

Latest MEAN stack Development Tools 2019

  • Mocha.js for writing test input and testing web app.
  • Chai is a BDD/TDD library for writing test input.
  • Sinon.JS is a mocking library for Mocks, stubs, or spices.
  • Express.JS for publishing web app on the websites. 
  • WebStrom IDE for tracking, unit testing, and debugging.
  • Passport.JS for authentication for any web application.
  • Socket.IO for real-time two ways communication. 
  • WEB PACK for reducing initial loading time in web apps.  
  • PM2 for project management or organizing tasks.    
  • BlueBird.js for clean and organizing coding.  
  • Meteor.JS For creating prototypes of web apps.  
  • Electrode.IO for the React and Node.js platform
  • Vue.js is an alternative for Angular.JS.
  • Babel for compile the web application.
MEAN stack development services USA

MEAN stack Development Tools For Robust Web Apps

Mocha.js: it’s a JavaScript-based node.js testing tool, widely used for writing testing input within the console and browser aspect. The Mocha.js is extremely abundant like Jasmin, that conjointly want to perform the testing task. Mocha.js will test all level e2e, unit or integration.

Chai: Chai offers a true coding taste for full stack developer. it’s a TDD and BDD assertion framework for Node.js for operating with any testing framework within the test result. With its power-packed plugins like chai-as-promised, chai-subset, chai-things, it’s simply compatible with browser or Node.js.

Sinon.JS: it’s sturdy mocking libraries that support mocks, stubs, and spies. the advantages of victimization Sinon is its compatibility with cross-browser support. It runs on the server victimization Node.js. All in all, it’s conjointly a testing framework supported JavaScript.

Express.JS: it’s a district of MEAN stack development that works parallel with the Node.js. each categorical.js and Node.js have ample options to make a web application or web site on the server aspect. The node.js will produce an app on the server aspect and categorical.js facilitate it to publish it on the web site.

WebStrom IDE: it’s an imposing IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Javascript. WebStrom followed pack brim full options for developing web apps victimization Node.js application on the client aspect and server aspect. It permits the developer to perform tracking, unit testing and debugging.

Passport.JS: it’s a middleware for Node.js that used for authentication. Developers have the selection of authentication through up to three hundred alternative ways. This tool will simply verify and test username and password model that embody login accounts through Facebook, Google, Twitter and so on.

Socket.IO: The Sockets.IO is one in every of a kind tool that gives a period of time 2 ways that communication, thus, it’s wide employed in chat apps by most trustworthy firms like Microsoft, Trello, Zendesk, and lots of chat-based mostly startup.

Web Pack: to cut back the initial loading time web Pack is that the most suitable choice. It permits for straightforward preparation with quick and sturdy development. Actually, web pack offers to bundle JavaScript files for usage within the browser.

PM2: it’s the foremost useful tool for organizing the workflow and method. it’s a form for method manager that used for Node.js. PM2 is extremely easy and straightforward to use for method managing with several in-built options like Watch Mode or Like Load Balancer.

Other Tools: There square measure many a lot of tools for MEAN stack development like BlueBird.js for organizing code, Electrode.IO for the platform React&Node.js, Meteor.JS for making prototyping of application, Vue.js similar as Angular.js, Babelis employed for the compile net application.

Final Thought:

There are many other MEAN stack development tools that claim for better web apps but on paper. It can be possible that your favourite tools are not on the list, the above list not a certificate of excellence. We just jot down popular MEAN stack development tools for making easier for developers. It’s all up to you because every tool has its own pros and cons so it better to stay with your favourite until doors lock. These tools helping towards MEAN stack development services USA. More power to web apps. Hit the SHARE button to spread the knowledge, because sharing is caring. Feel free to jot down your queries in the comment section.