Top Mobile App Development Frameworks 2019

Mobile App Development Frameworks 2019

There are many mobile app development frameworks are available but only a few are willing to provide the right values. It’s always tough to choose the right tools and platforms for creating a successful mobile application. Usually, the newbie app owners stumble to choose the right tools due to a lack of technical knowledge.

Most of the app fails due to improper ideation and the wrong selection of app development tools, frameworks, and platforms. Being a leading mobile application development company USA, we are well acquainted with the latest mobile app development frameworks in 2019. That’s this post also curates the same information regarding the top frameworks.

2019 is the year of mobile app development and it’s the latest technology around the web. Meanwhile, app development is a process and frameworks are an essential part of this phenomena. The best mobile application frameworks can elevate the overall output of the application.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks 2019

Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks 2019

  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Ionic 
  • Adobe PhoneGap
  • Corona SDK
  • Jquery Mobile
  • Native Scripts
  • Intel XDK
  • Mobile Angular UI


Flutter is one of the best frameworks for mobile app development. It is especially used for cross-platform app development. To reduce the development cost and cut the overall development cost, cross-platform is the best way. It allows developers to reuse the same code for another platform.

There are mainly three frameworks for the cross-platform that is widely used and popular i.e. Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin. Flutter is voted as the best framework because it is free, open-source, and have a community for support. It converts up to 90% code, that can reuse for creating an application similar to Android to iOS.

It relies on the Dart language that is simple to learn. Flutter offers API’s pre-install element and many more. In Google I/O 2019, Google expands the Flutter functionality as it is compatible with web, application, embedded devices. The application under the Flutter framework made for the least bugs and support faster bug fixing.



It is furthermore a cross-platform application headway framework anyway it is progressively outstanding and used by designers. The reason for noticeable quality over there cross-arrange is the perfect helpfulness like neighbourhood application improvement. It is pushed in 2011, starting late acquired by Microsoft. Xamarin offers the reusability of codes and shareable code with various stages.

It offers access to neighbourhood API, mobile app UI designers can get arrange express limits as nearby applications. It is so close to the nearby application improvement, as such, gives faster application progression great with the NuGet and Xamarin modules. This framework relies upon the C language that performs viably for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Xamarin supports Pre-present organisations and controls for speedier progression. App designers can get to the nearby API, in this manner, it seems neighbourhood improvement. It offers to organize express parts with limits and custom interfaces. Faster application headway with NuGet and Xamarin modules. Xamarin Component Store empowers originators to use free or paid segments.

React Native

React Native

One more framework for cross-platform app development on the list. React Native is also a free, open-source framework that offers code reusability up to 90%. It is a JavaScript structure for creating real, robust, locally rendering portable, application mainly for Android and iOS.

It works upon the React, Facebook’s library for Java Scripts that used for creating UI. React Native have pre-install elements for faster development, created by Facebook. Later on, Facebook offers it n for everyone by making it open-source. It relies on the simple tagline that is code once and uses it everywhere for both iOS and Android. It accompanies the native part and modules that improper application execution.

The latest version React Native 0.60 just makes the development faster and seamless. As we discussed the React is used for creating the UI that’s why React native is considered for crafting mobile app UI design and cross-platform development. The mobile devices permission is also easy to React Native based application, such as camera, Accelerator


Adobe PhoneGap

PhoneGap is an open-source cross-platform framework for creating versatile applications. The application builds under PhoneGap doesn’t require any kind of smartphone’s native highlights. It packages your applications inside a neighbourhood application holder which grants JavaScript to get to device-level APIs a comparable way ordinary applications do.

It licenses making crossbreed applications using standard web progress (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript), which are also instantly open scopes of capacities. It allows you to pass on the alone code base to different stages including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS and that is just a glimpse of something larger.

It seeks after a module competent building, which suggests that access to neighbourhood contraption APIs and more can be extended in a deliberate way. It enables you to use in-application, facilitated portions through the App Store for iOS, the Google Play Store for Android and that is just a hint of something larger.



Ionic is a finished open-source framework for hybrid application improvement made by Max Lynch, Ben Sperry, and Adam Bradley of Drifty Co. in 2013. The first form was discharged in 2013 and based on AngularJS and Apache Cordova. In any case, the most recent discharge was re-worked as a lot of Web Components, enabling the client to pick any UI structure, for example, Angular, React or Vue.js.

It likewise permits the utilization of Ionic segments with no UI structure at all. Ionic gives instruments and administrations to creating crossover versatile, work area, and Progressive Web Apps dependent on current web advancement advances and works on, utilizing Web innovations like CSS, HTML5, and Sass. Specifically, portable applications can be worked with these Web advancements and after that circulated through local application stores to be introduced on gadgets by using Cordova or Capacitor.


jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized mobile framework that first used only for web development. It is a kind of a JavaScript library, developed by the jQuery project team. This framework is specially designed for a wide range of mobile devices and tablets computers. This framework can easily use with popular frameworks such as PhoneGap and Work light.



NativeScript is an open-source structure to create applications on the Apple iOS and Android platforms. It was initially considered and created by Progress. NativeScript applications are fabricated utilizing JavaScript, or by utilizing any language that transpiled to JavaScript, for example, TypeScript. NativeScript bolsters the Angular and Vue JavaScript frameworks.

Mobile applications worked with NativeScript to bring about completely local applications, which utilize similar APIs as though they were created in Xcode or Android Studio. Additionally, programming engineers can re-reason outsider libraries from CocoaPods, Android Arsenal, Maven, and npm.js in their versatile applications without the requirement for wrappers.

Other Mobile App Development Frameworks 2019

This list is still incomplete because there are such frameworks that have to be discussed here. Mobile Angular UI is also a favorite tool for creating mobile application UI. Another framework for creating native apps for mobile phones and tablets using web technologies, that is Intel XDK. It is created by Intel, this framework used HTML5, CSS, IDE, and JavaScript.

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Final Thought

In this article, we discussed top mobile app development frameworks 2019 with a list of top 10 most popular SDK or we can say frameworks. This piece of content addressed the cross-platform app development frameworks i.e. Flutter, React Native, Xamarin and PhoneGap. The other frameworks contain Corona SDK, jQuery Mobile, Mobile Angular UI, Intel XDK, and Native Scripts.

Choosing the right framework can elevate your app success. Also, one should consider hiring a renowned mobile application development company USA such as Acquaint SoftTech, because your app creation process and resources decides the future of the application. So it’s all about from our side. Hope you enjoy this piece of content, do Comment and SHARE with your bestie.